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Title: Make Me a Dragon

Release Date: 2023-01-19


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Maybe you've been praying to the wrong god. When it first started, you told yourself it was just snow. What harm could snow do? You ignored the doomsayers on the radio evangelist shows and went about your business as best you could. The lines at the store were organized and tidy; you had expected to walk into something chaotic. You were prepared for the worst, and it didn’t happen. The world can’t be ending if there’s calm, orderly lines. The world can’t end with young men helpin’ old ladies put heavy cases of water into their cars. But that was back in the beginning. Back in the time of orderly lines and waitin’ one’s turn. That all changed, of course, when springtime rolled around on the calendar, but it just kept on snowing. And snowing. And snowing.

This horror novella mashes Appalachian folklore with Norse Mythology to create a unique dark fantasy that will make you grab your warmest blanket and sleep with the lights on.

Make Me a Dragon by Naomi Ault
Make Me a Dragon