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Title: Make Me a Dragon

Release Date: 2023-01-19


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Maybe you've been praying to the wrong god. When it first started, you told yourself it was just snow. What harm could snow do? You ignored the doomsayers on the radio evangelist shows and went about your business as best you could. The lines at the store were organized and tidy; you had expected to walk into something chaotic. You were prepared for the worst, and it didn’t happen. The world can’t be ending if there’s calm, orderly lines. The world can’t end with young men helpin’ old ladies put heavy cases of water into their cars. But that was back in the beginning. Back in the time of orderly lines and waitin’ one’s turn. That all changed, of course, when springtime rolled around on the calendar, but it just kept on snowing. And snowing. And snowing.

This horror novella mashes Appalachian folklore with Norse Mythology to create a unique dark fantasy that will make you grab your warmest blanket and sleep with the lights on.

Make Me a Dragon by Naomi Ault
Make Me a Dragon

Title: Chew: Season Three

Release Date: 2022-11-01

Summary: Coming Soon! Winter 2022 Don't want to wait? Check out Season Three on Kindle Vella. Join Lazarus, a free online community for horror fans. Get together with other fans and discuss your favorite books, movies TV shows, etc.

Book Cover: Chew: Season Three
Chew: Season Three

Title: Chew: Season Two

Release Date: 2022-08-01


Only the strongest survived the Flip.

The problem is that it's hard to remember what they're surviving for.


The world is still reeling after Zakaria's miracle cure transformed flesh-eating monsters back into humans. Under constant threat of pain and punishment, Biters are forced to work off their debt to society, and only the strongest can survive this new normal.

After surviving Clive's Carnival, Luke and Allison trade hasty goodbyes and part ways. While Luke adapts to military life, Allison returns home to Milltown, Ohio—a city Will promises to turn into a promised land for all Biters.

In boot camp, Luke lives under the thumb of the post-prion United States Army. When he gets a chance at freedom, Luke has to quickly decide where his loyalties lie.

Meanwhile, one calamity after another tests Allison's resourcefulness, her will to survive, and eventually, her humanity itself.

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Chew Season Two by Naomi Ault
Chew: Season Two

Title: Chew: Season One

Release Date: 2022-05-07

Summary: In this zombie apocalypse, the fight for survival begins after you're cured.  In a world ravaged by the Wormwood Prion, millions are consumed by an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Survivors, like Allison Rose, awaken in Recovery Centers, their bodies cured but their minds tormented by monstrous memories. When Allison teams up with the enigmatic Will Taylor, they soon realize the cure isn't the end of their nightmare—it's just the beginning.

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Chew Season One by Naomi Ault
Chew: Season One

Title: Chew: The Serial

Release Date: 2021-07-15

Summary: In this zombie apocalypse, the fight for survival begins after you're cured.  "Where were you when you turned?" The Wormwood Prion infected millions with an irresistible need to chew, demonstrating a distinct preference for human flesh. Allison Rose is lucky. She's one of the fortunate few to wake up in a Recovery Center; cured, but with a head full of monstrous memories intact. Teaming up with the enigmatic Will Taylor, they discover the cure isn't the end of their nightmare—it's just the beginning. Get started reading on Kindle Vella or Laterpress today.

Book Cover: Chew: The Serial
Chew: The Serial