Sale Alert

Any John Cusack fans?? For today and tomorrow only, buy Chew: Season One direct from my website and save $2 with coupon code IWANTMYTWODOLLARS That makes the ebook only $.99! This coupon is only good for the ebook or the paperback. Bonus points if you know what movie...

Book Launch Day!

Hello! Today is my 50th birthday. Not so coincidentally, today is also the day that my very first book releases worldwide. I’ve kept the price at $.99 (or £.99 depending on where you live!) for a little while longer to celebrate. If you preordered, your copy...

Coming May 7th!

“Where were you when you turned?” In this zombie apocalypse, the fight for survival begins after you’re cured. “You don’t know how long you were an infected, but you remember a surprising amount about it, which brings you to the third thing. The nightmare...
New Episode!

New Episode!

Episode 71: “Everything Went Exactly as Planned” is now live on Kindle Vella. You can read it at www.ReadChew.Live and if you’re a new Vella customer, you can claim 200 free tokens to get started!