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I hope you enjoyed the latest installment in the Chew universe. From here, you can do a number of things. 

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The anticipated release date is November 1st. 

What is Kindle Vella?

Vella is a new platform by Amazon designed to connect authors directly with readers. Authors deliver bite sized episodes that you can squeeze into nearly any block of free time such as waiting in line for a coffee, or a lunch break. Unfortunately, Vella is currently only available for folks in the United States. 

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Season Three is Here

Welcome to LAZARUS

It’s been two years since Luke and Allison said hasty goodbye’s in Aunt Cece’s living room. 

Allison and Will have been busy turning their little slice of Biter heaven into a home. Lazarus has just about everything one could need, and that includes a speakeasy. 

You can join in the fun and enter the virtual speakeasy by finding the passwords in new episodes of Chew. Inside the Rose & Taylor you’ll find exclusive merchandise, free downloads, and the entrance to Lazarus – the Discord Community. 

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