The sign-up form is now live for the 2023 Author Goals Reboot Challenge! This challenge is not just for authors — it is open to all creatives. https://sendfox.com/SerialFam

This challenge is for you if you have ever:

  • Struggled to set goals in the past because you weren’t sure exactly what you wanted to achieve.
  • Set some goals but then quickly forgot about them. 
  • Set too many goals and then quickly became overwhelmed.
  • Skipped goal setting entirely because you were afraid of failure.  
  • Found blocks of time where you *could* be productive, but then spun your wheels because you couldn’t decide what to start on first.
  • Felt “too busy” to set and accomplish meaningful goals. 

We are going to deep dive into what is important to you, set up your goals, and break them down into very manageable tasks. I’m even going to offer you a private community where you can optionally share your progress and get support as we go.  

To kick things off, we’re going to have a live Zoom session on January 1st. You’ll get the link when you sign up.  

And oh yeah, it’s totally free. No strings attached. Happy New Year, from me to you.

Tap that link and get your first exercise right now → https://sendfox.com/SerialFam