If you are inside the United States, can you help Allison get her Fave Crown back? Each month the Faves reset and every story starts all over again on the leader board.

To Fave, you simply need to unlock any episode on any Vella using purchased tokens (the free tokens won’t trigger the Fave window.) Once you’ve unlocked an locked episode, the Fave window will pop up and ask you which Vella you’d like to Fave.

I hope Chew has earned your Fave vote. The monthly bonus that Faves bring helps me pay for editing, cover art, the site fees for Lazarus and more. Amazon allows readers to vote once per week, and that would be awesome, but I’d be thrilled if you just voted today.

Please help put Allison back on the board. I really think she belongs there, don’t you?

Please Help Bring Allison’s Crown Back