Exciting news! To celebrate Read an Ebook Week 2023, all of my books are now available at half price on Smashwords! This includes both seasons of Chew. As part of this promotion, you’ll have the chance to purchase books from many other great authors at a discount, so you can get right to reading. The promotion runs March 5th – 11th.

If you’re looking for a thrilling read, check out my zombie apocalypse series Chew.


Chew by Naomi Ault

Do you think you’d survive a zombie apocalypse?

What if you were the zombie?

In this zombie apocalypse, the fight for survival begins after you’re cured.

The Wormwood Prion infected millions with an irresistible need to chew, demonstrating a distinct preference for human flesh. Allison Rose is lucky. She’s one of the fortunate few to wake up in a Recovery Center—cured but with a head full of monstrous memories intact. Teaming up with the enigmatic Will Taylor, they discover that the cure isn’t the end of their nightmare—it’s just the beginning.

“Where were you when you turned?”


For those who enjoy horror and dark fantasy, I invite you to check out my novella, Make Me a Dragon. This story takes elements of Appalachian folklore and Norse mythology to create a unique tale that will have you reaching for your warmest blanket and sleeping with the lights on.


Make Me a Dragon by Naomi Ault

When it first started, you told yourself it was just snow. What harm could snow do?
But that was back in the beginning. Back in the time of orderly lines and waitin’ one’s turn. That all changed, of course, when springtime rolled around on the calendar, but it just kept on snowing.

And snowing. And snowing.


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