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“I gotta hit the head.” David shouted to be heard over the music. “Go grab us a beer, and I’ll be back.”

When Luke’s eyes fully adjusted to the dim light, he took in the array of customers sitting at mismatched round tables and chairs along a stained concrete floor. In the middle of the room, a large patch of cracked linoleum served as an unofficial dance floor, where there were a surprising number of bodies for a weeknight in early spring. On the other side of the dancers, a long bar ran the entire length of the building, edged with dark wood paneling that reminded Luke of his grandparents’ basement.

Each end of the bar had a shiny silver pole installed, and women in various stages of undress gyrated and walked across the top of the bar for the benefit of the patrons. While Luke watched, one woman stopped and squatted, pressing her buttocks into a man’s face, wiggling vigorously, while his friends clapped him on the back and cheered. When she stood, glinting coins rained on the bar near her shoes.

“That’s a stripper,” Mattie told Luke, as if they both hadn’t just witnessed the same event.

“Well,” Luke began carefully. “I guess now we know what the Pie Emporium girls do during the weekdays.”

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