It’s Sunday, otherwise known as Fave Day. You don’t know I’m talking about? Wait, let me start over.

Hi, I’m Naomi Ault, and I have two serials running on Amazon’s new serial fiction platform, Kindle Vella.


Chew is a horror/supernatural thriller that has been a Top Fave story since October of 2021, and has five stars on Amazon for both the serial and the entire first season is now out in ebook or paperback!

Chew is about zombies who have been cured and are trying to fit back into society. I’ve gotten great feedback from fans of the zombie genre, but Chew has also been very well received by readers who say they don’t normally read zombie fiction. So if you like horror but aren’t so sure about zombies, this might be a good fit for you to take for a spin.

Alice Kane Must Die is the first season of the Discarded Objects of the Apocalypse series. The entire first season is now complete and I’ve even posted the first chapter of Season Two. Alice is new to the Top Faved list, but I’m so happy she’s finally there. 

If you were a fan of the Long Kiss Goodnight, and thought, “Wow, this is awesome, but it would be better with magic, dragons, angels, and religious conspiracies” then you will love this series.

Please note that I provide trigger warnings on my website for both serials, so that readers can choose whether or not they want to view them. You can find them here, under the story menu.

What’s a Top Fave?

Being on the Top Fave list is extremely beneficial to Kindle Vella authors because it provides visibility to our stories, but also, Amazon is currently paying bonuses for stories which close out the month in these top positions.

Bonuses pay for the editing, cover artists, advertising and other expenses—all of which come out of the author’s pocket. Even free digital books and stories cost money to produce. The Vella bonuses go a long way towards alleviating that pain.

Faves reset every single Sunday, letting you vote only once per week. Amazon tallies all the votes received for the month, and assigns the story a rank—which you can watch in (mostly) real time. When the new month begins, the slate is wiped clean and we start over again. That gives every story a new chance to get to the top of the list. (The very biggest bonuses are at the top.)

How do I Fave a story?

Tokens packs start at just $1.99. Only one episode needs to be unlocked per week to vote for the Top Fave. Depending on the length of the episode, it could cost anywhere from 9 – 20 tokens.

Once you have a purchased token pack (free tokens won’t let you Fave a story) all you do is unlock an episode and the window will pop up and ask which story you want to Fave. That’s it!

Oh hey, here are two you can practice on (wink wink):


Discarded Objects of the Apocalypse

I’m not trying to get to the top (I mean, I wouldn’t turn it down, either!) but it would be great if both stories could support themselves, and pay for their own editing, art, etc. So please consider supporting indie content and give one of my Vella stories a Fave vote today.

Next, an informal poll.

I thought it would be fun to give away short stories set in the universe of Chew or Discarded Objects of the Apocalypse. I want to hear from you! Tell me which characters you’d like to know more about, or if there is a specific scene you’d like to read about.

Comments are open!